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Click Through Rate (CTR) on Google | Study

the first page of Google is just one critical step toward increasing your website traffic, which then you need to convert into audience, leads and sales. Think about the bottom line. Making your business website visible does not guarantee a click … Lire la suite

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URL Keyword Stuffing Spam Filtering | Webmaster Blog

Source: Bing says they detect keyword stuffing in URLs via many methods but detailed these:   Site sizeNumber of hostsNumber of words in host/ domain names and pathHost/ domain/ path keyword co-occurrence (inc. unigrams and bigrams)% of the site … Lire la suite

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SEO : Indexation express de backlinks – Cédric Guérin

Découvrez comment faire indexer vos liens par les moteurs de recherche en moins de deux minutes ! Source: See on – Stratégie de Référencement naturel SEO

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Google Analytics : New Benchmarking Reports September 2014

Source: Great news: If you’ve ever wondered how your website is performing compared to the competition, Google Analytics new Benchmarking reports will help you find out. Analytics users can now compare their results to peers in their industry, choosing from 1600 industry … Lire la suite

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Pigeon-Proofing Checklist thanks to Top Local SEOs adivises

Local SEO is huge and Pigeon is just one of several updates : read on Local SEO Mozalami Source: Moz 6-point Pigeon-proofing checklist for local businesses Stay alert. Experts agree that the dust has not settled on this update, so … Lire la suite

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Negative SEO: Protect Yourself – 5 ways – SEMrush

Negative SEO is alive and well, and more common than you might think. Learn the warning signs and how you can protect your site. Source: No matter what Google tells you, negative SEO exists. If you take precautions to … Lire la suite

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