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Mohammed ALAMI‘s insight:

See if you can create these 21 types of pages on your site:

  1. “Locations” – If you have locations in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, you might have an “Ohio Locations” page with a short blurb on each of those locations, plus links to pages where you say a little more about each location.  Or you might have a “service areas” page.  Same idea, but you’d be pointing people toward “city pages” for the main cities you serve.
  2. Individual location – You’d have a page for your Cleveland location, a page for your Columbus location, and another one for your Cincinnati location.
  3. “Services” – List all your services, have a blurb on each, and link to a page for each.  Do the same if you offer products, rather than services.
  4. Individual service – The more detail you can give on each service, the better.
  5. “Our Team” or “About Us” – This is a page everyone expects to see.  It’s also one that you can pretty easily optimize: It can be “Our Electricians” or “About Your Surgeons” or “Meet Your Attorneys.”  Here’s an excellent example.
  6. Individual bios – Have a page for each employee, technician, agent, doctor, nurse, lawyer, paralegal, etc.
  7. FAQs – You could have a general FAQ and one (or several) for more-specialized questions.  You could have “Dental Insurance FAQs,” “First-Time Home Buyer FAQs,” “Common Questions on Tankless Water Heaters” – whatever.
  8. Testimonials – Ideally you’d mark them up with Schema or hReview-aggregate.
  9. “In the Media” – Have you been featured in the local paper, or did the local news reporter stick a mic in your face for 15 seconds?  Show or mention it here.
  10. “Community” or “Giving Back” – Describe what you do for charity.  (Dosomething, if you’re not already.)
  11. Photos – Be sure to name the photos relevantly, and try to include captions.  Don’t overdo it.
  12. Videos – Embed your videos on the page.  See if you can name your page something like “Videos on How to ____.”
  13. Awards or Recognition – It’s fine to mention little stuff until there’s bigger stuff.
  14. Company History – Stick to the story; on other pages you can talk about what makes you great.  If there’s not much of a “history” yet, consider doing a “Values” page.
  15. “Qualifications” or “Certifications” – Same idea as with the “Awards” or “Recognition” page.  Use what you’ve got.
  16. Insurance accepted – If applicable.
  17. Financing – If applicable.
  18. “Why us?” – Here’s an example.
  19. Case-study – Describe what you did for a specific customer or client (with his/her permission, of course).  Include pictures if you can.
  20. “Learning Center” – Define relevant, useful, and unavoidable jargon terms you think customers should know.  Explain concepts you’d like your customers to grasp – for their sake and for yours.  Even cannibalize some of your FAQs and use them here.  Here’s an example of a good “learning center.”
  21. “Portfolio” – Most applicable if you’re a contractor, designer of any kind, or consultant.
  22. A late addition, #22: “Coupons” or “Savings” – Thanks to Zac Palmer ofDivot Agency for this suggestion (see his comment, below).

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