Americans Fall Into One Of 6 Deal Personas : Study

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Deal personas Experian

Experian is out with a study of “deal personas.” It seeks to measure how different consumer groups identify themselves and their interest in offers and discounts.

Mohammed ALAMI‘s insight:

Among the total US adult population, 42 percent of people are totally or largely impervious to deals while the remaining 58 percent can be influenced to varying degrees by the availability of promotions. Here are the categories:

  1. Deal-seeker influentials — 18 percent: they aggressively seek deals everywhere
  2. Offline deal seekers — 13 percent: they use traditional media more than digital to find deals
  3. Deal thrillers — 14 percent: they love deals but mostly from preferred retailers and stores
  4. Deal takers — 12 percent: passive deal responders; they’ll accept deals where they appear and may change their behavior in response to offers
  5. Deal indifferents — 34 percent: this group is unlikely to respond to deals
  6. Deal rejectors: — 8 percent: positively deal phobic

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